Dim or shut off leds during lights off!

I’m sorry but you can’t convince me you can’t write a little piece of code to shut off the useless leds when an attached light is also off.
I also have a difficult time believing you cannot write a dimmer function to allow us to dim down (to zero) these leds.
Both of which I’ve been told

They’re leds for goodness sake, not some super secret new tech…

Since you won’t open source the code our only options are you guys changing the code.

I’m in the software game and know what’s possible with a little engineering and motivation, this is why I have a very difficult time believing; “we can’t do that to this version of the Growhub” to both solutions (shut them off or provide a dimmer function). Maybe the dimmer isn’t possible (or difficult to impl) but basic on/off??
C’mon guys don’t jerk us around and just shut the leds off when an attached light also goes off

Hello again NHamshiredam,

I appreciate your feedback, as we said, it’s been taken into account and the solution will be implemented in the coming Hubs.

You asked changing the LEDs to green.

It is not about writing a piece of code. The LEDs are necessary in order to diagnose the Hub when there is no Internet available, Wi-Fi fails, power failures, phone crashes, etc. If for example the connectivity fails for any reason, and you are not able to communicate with your unit, there won’t be a way to diagnose/solve the problem.

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Kind of a jerky way to ask for a feature… Mom kicking you out of the basement?

I would Also like that blue led turned off the thing Is so bright it interrupts night time for my girls . I have mine all taped up and it looks like shit to to block the light .

Also I can’t have the exhaust fan turn on to control temp and humidity I need individual units for this ?

Hello @Mrbubbakush ,

Yes, you can control temp and Humidity with the same fan. Just create the recipe and set a fan outlet.