Blue and Red LEDs, change to GREEN plz

Yes we know don’t run the NIWA in the grow but life’s complicated and often times we have to do what we have to do
That said; the LEDs on the NIWA really need two major improvements:

  1. Change these LED to green. Blue and red are super bad in our grows during the dark period, full stop. Please change these asap. I honestly can’t believe it’s not a topic and not an emergency patch

  2. Please make it so when the light the NIWA is controlling goes OFF, so do the LEDs. At a minimum give us this as an option to enable/disable.

As noted, life isn’t perfect and some of us have to run the NIWA in the grow (for many reasons). Any light during the dark period is a recipe (no pun intended) for disaster (intersex plants).

Please guys, imo important changes.

I’ve had to McGiver a shroud around the NIWA to protect my garden from the light leaking out of the NIWA unit. Covering the LEDs with tape doesn’t fix it…

Thanks :pray:t2:

Newhampshiredam :peace_symbol::green_heart::fire::facepunch:t2:

It’s called tape lol, otherwise you should probably take it out of your grow as to avoid damaging your $200 device lol

Actually tape doesn’t do it, the entire unit glows in the dark when the leds blink

But I appreciate the support for honestly a simple and useful change (shutting the leds off when the attached light is off) - the most simple mechanical timers do this ffs :man_facepalming:

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Yeah the option to disable the light would seem to be the easiest solution as it’s really not 100% necessary and seems to glow red at times when it shouldn’t be so it’s really not even all that useful. I’d still try and rearrange your cords to get the niwa situated outside the tent if possible

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I’ve actually McGiver a shroud with cardboard and tape that’s good enough for now

I wrapped several layers of black electrical tape over my LED’s and completely around the unit as well. That effectively blacked out the LED’s and the shine-through that I saw when I did a lights-out test inside the tent.

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I feel you growmie
For a device marketed to growers we shouldn’t have to McGiver stuff like this imo or at least update the app with this basic option.
I assume you’d welcome the LEDs being disabled during a connected light’s off period? Even the option to enable this in the app for people who don’t care would be fine.

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Why would it be “damaged” in my grow? $200 and it’s glass like? C’mon ridiculous on multiple levels
I don’t run high humidity (above 60)
It’s mounted at the ceiling level so it’s not getting wet or even close to being in danger of getting wet.

So… that begs the question; why can’t it be in the grow?
Answer; LEDs that never turn off

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