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Troubleshooting & Bugs

This is for bugs and troubleshooting challenges and their subsequent solutions. Let’s all help one another!

Ideas & Feature Requests

We want to hear from you! Most of the features being offered in our product lines have come from our community! Remember, there is no bad idea!

Niwa Support FAQ

This section is to provide helpful information for our community of growers. The below topics are the most asked-for pieces of information from our community. If there is anything missing you feel is necessary, please send a note to

Just Grow It!

This is about all topics about growing plants! Cannabis, Orchids, and more!

Product/Feature Announcements

Here you can find the most recent announcements on software features and hardware updates. Please feel free to send us a note in the “Niwa Grow Hub Feature Requests.”

Community Forum Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Product & Mobile App Feedback

We want all growers in our community to provide feedback on our product line, mobile app, and even our customer service. Don’t be shy, but be respectful!