Wireless connection required?

Hello Niwa!

I was doing maintenance on my home network this morning, and I didn’t notice that my 2.4Ghz wireless AP dedicated to IoT devices did not properly come back online. This occured 4-5 hours before lights off in the grow tent. An hour after the lights were supposed to shut off in the grow tent, I noticed they were still on!

During that time period, the SSID was advertised, but network connection was unreachable beyond the AP. Restoring the wireless network was insufficient, I had to unplug and replug the Niwa for it to reconnect and respect the recipe.

This is the first time I’ve had this situation happen, my network is usually stable. It got me thinking though, I assumed the controller would have a cached copy of the running recipe and still run properly if the wireless connection goes down. But it doesn’t, is an active wireless connection required at all times?

Hello @growqc!!

The Hub needs Internet access only when it starts after being plugged, so the internal clock can be sync; then if connection is lost, the recipe should keep running, but you won’t have access to any live data or settings from the app. Maybe something else happened, we are happy to assist at support@getniwa.com !

I have the same problem . This thing does NOT recognize the settings when it comes back online UNLESS you edit recipe and save . This will update all the old settings , unfortunately the dash on the app reads falsely too when this occurs

Hello @Mrbubbakush that should not be like that, please email support@getniwa.com, so we can find the issue.