Visible Firmware version (August 2022)

Hi niwa folks,

How about exposing the FW version on our units somewhere in the configuration screens?

Hello @thrak76 that’s a good idea, and it’s to be developed and released soon.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Hello I was wondering if I can have access to the new firmware version my growhub continues to turn the lights off for at least 3 minutes during the cycle change is there a way to fix that? Also my timing is not syncing properly to the correct time for shut off its off by about 5 to 10 minutes thank you.

Ok thank you for the reply

Hello @Khaleel_Knig we are happy to update your system with the beta version, if you want to, please email

Since having the beta FW installed (after a previous trial run with an earlier beta), I’ll report that I’ve not had any lighting schedule problems - including 12:59 > 00:00 - and my humidity is more dialed in.

Thank you for the feedback @thrak76 !

Javier does it tell me somewhere what firmware version my hub has?

It does not @MadScience, but you can email and we’ll make sure you are running the latest one. Most probably you are already.

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