Update Niwa device name

As a Niwa user, I would like to rename the device to reflect the environment I’m running it in.

  • Allow user to set device name that shows up in drop down (example: germination tent, veg room)

  • Update alerts to reflect custom device name in notifications

  • Look into updating the dashboard to allow users with multiple niwas to view important stats in one page

I just purchased my second niwa, really enjoying playing with the current in my germination tent but it’s time to integrate it into the larger grow tent.

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Hey mdax01!

Thanks for the feedback, all those features have been added to our (busy) pipeline. There are super exciting updates and new features coming so soon, stay tuned!


Good idea!
Ideally, all labels are configurable…

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I’m using stages because they are useful and although they don’t have a name, they have a visual/infographic that relates the stage currently running to the overall stages.

Check out the grow lifecycle, I have five stages defined:

That’s the reason I can use stages without names :slight_smile: