UI Improvements

I have been using this hub for a few days and tweaking recipes with the app. A few things I have noted from user experience are listed below. Some items have been discussed by others and some have not. I will try to keep it bullet pointed for brevity and so I’m not beating the proverbial dead horse.

  1. Outlets needs more options: Custom Name would be great with various functions
    1a. On/Off
    1b. Scheduled Intervals
    1c. Custom time
    1d. Temp and/or humidity parameter triggers

  2. Allow me to change the grow cycle stage names and/or icons.
    2a I would love to be able to have my cycles be something like:
    Germination, Early Veg, Late Veg, Early Flower, Late flower, Finishing, Drying

  3. Still need the overnight time issue and the 3 min delay between cycles to be resolved. They go hand in hand.

  4. I would love if there was a way to have my ac infinity system talk to the Niwa OR for the Cloudlines speed to be controlled - if there is any API or integrations in planning please let us know.

  5. Some alert to let us know that the system is offline but still running off last known set points would be be good. I have had mine drop connection a few times and I worry that it will just stop running my humidifier.

  6. Allow us to set a delta for humidity/temp/vpd (allow X above or below set parameter) - I feel like the humidity has a big swing before the Niwa kicks on my outlet. This is causing inconsistencies at the hottest parts of the cycle.

  7. Allow user override on the dashboard to turn outlets on/off


I have a small space. My humidity only fluctuate 2-3%. Having good output humidifier and good dehumidifier is key for me. Intake and exhaust systems that move air and humidity out at a high rates are key as well. On a side note. Try keeping C02 levels at 1100 ppm along with humidity and temperature. It’ll test you skills and patience. I hope things work out. :+1:t2: