Tips to achieve VPD

Hi, I just received my Niwa grow hub and I’m having problems to achieve VPD @ 1.2

I selected RH & VPD but every time I go back to settings I saw T & RH it’s selected instead RH & VPD so most of the time the VPD ITS around 1.5

Right now I can’t control the temp, only RH so I want automatically adjust the RH according the temp to achieve 1.2, is this posible with the Niwa?



Hey @bungolio, once you use the recipe editor to set your desired VPD (defining RH & VPD) the parameters will be saved in the recipe. Selecting RH & VPD or Temp & VPD only defines what parameter you want to set, the other one will be auto-calculated, you can choose one option or another depending on your set-up devices and environmental conditions.