Sunrise and sunset

Im new to niwa im wondering if the niwa has the ability to do sun rise and sets. If not could you add a feature that when on it first setup it reads how much the lights use and then regulate how much power to achieve the dimming lights. Mainly to stop the shock of blasting lights.

Hello Douglas,

Thanks for your question, no, it does not, Niwa works on a schedule basis at the moment. We are constantly working on new features, please stay tuned!


This automated Sun Rise/Sun Set function would be very ideal for starting plants indoor before transplanting outdoor. LED controllers from ChilLED, OpticLED, and Fohse Grow lights are all cable of this feature but not everyone has the want, need or financial capability to spend over $1,000 on one grow light for the benefit of Automated lighting. I rather spend the Money on the Niwa which has the potential to do do the same. Please make this feature happen, thank you.

Thanks, Jose_210 we will take it into account, to be honest, for now we have a long pipeline of new features and improvements to be released, and this one is not a big priority at the moment.

As much as this feature would be kickass, isn’t dimming on LED panels controlled with a 0-10v signal? At least on my Meanwell driver, you can’t dim the light by scaling down the AC input… which I doubt the Niwa’s hardware is equipped to do anyways. Just my 2 cents

You are right, growqc, that would require a new hardware accessory.