Software Update #3

We’re excited to announce an important upgrade. Your Grow Hub now measures and controls your environment’s VPD.(some users receive updates before others).

Monitor your current VPD and Dew Point levels from your dashboard:

Check your historical data from your ‘stats’ section (including your VPD & Dew Point levels).

Set your desired VPD parameters within your grow recipes.

Some might ask, what is VPD? And why is it important? VPD is a way of calculating the exact combination of temperature and humidity to achieve peak performance from any plant.

For example, if your garden room temperature and your relative humidity are at the desired levels for your plants, then the environment your plants are in will be at the most optimum level for your plants to absorb nutrients. When this happens, your garden (and potentially your final harvest) will be positively affected.

Articles like this one can help you better understand VPD even further, and as always, contact us at Stay tuned, we have more coming out for the community!

I love this update. If you are setting up your recipe for VPD remember to go into the settings and update the VPD Leaf Temperature Offset.

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Thanks JayHof for the heads up!

Yes please check our online manual there is a section “VPF Leaf Temperature Offset” where you can find how to adjust it, as JayHof says, it’s very important.

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Hey guys,

In this recent update we have detected a reduced performance on the stats and dashboard sections (in some cases), but don’t worry it’s already solved and we will roll out a new update next week fixing it!

I’m sorry about the inconvenience!

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That’s super rad, makes the niwa much more competitive against the pulse sensors

I absolutely dig the climate setting options as well

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Thank you, mdax01! We love hearing from growers that they find value in the new features. Keep the good ideas flowing and have a great weekend!

Hello guys,

We’ve already deployed a new back end software version solving the performance issue with Stats that some users experienced. We are still adding some other improvements and they will be released in a near future app update.

Thank you for your continuous support and we are sorry for inconvenience!