Setup (Niwa One Greenhouse)

Niwa Assembly

  • Place your Niwa One on an even & solid surface.
  • Do not place any object on top of your Niwa One.
  • Place your Niwa One close to your WiFi router.
  • Prevent the power cord from being walked on or pinched.
  • Don’t pinch any cable or hose during the Niwa One assembly.
  • Only use the LED lamps provided by Niwa.
  • Make sure you are connecting your Niwa One to the correct voltage
  • Make sure all connectors are firmly connected and closed before connecting your Niwa One to power.
  • Niwa One should be used indoors only.
  • Niwa One is more efficient when placed close to a sunlight source in a warm room (15ºC to 25ªC; 60ºF to 75ºF).

Planting Preparation

  • Do not put soil in your Niwa One system. It will clog your drippers & damage the water pump.
  • Use ONLY liquid fertilizers.
  • Only put water & liquid fertilizers in your Niwa One’s water reservoir.
  • Wear gloves when unpacking, handling, and planting with Rockwool in the growing bed. Never cut or manipulate the Rockwool
  • Prevent kids from handling, unpacking, and planting with the Rockwool.

Water Reservoir

  • Make sure not to add too much water to the growing bed. The excess water goes to the water reservoir and can create an overfill and/or water will spill out.

Growing Period (when grow program is on)

  • Make sure your water reservoir never runs completely dry. Doing so can damage your pump and would void the warranty.
  • Do not cover your Niwa One unit, the ventilation openings on the windows, and on top of the system.
  • Do not overfill the water reservoir. Always leave 1 inch or 3 cm free