Sensor Placement

I read in the guides that when placing the sensor we should place it where good airflow, away from environmental equipment and not under the lamps.

I have a 3x3x6 and currently my sensor is velcro’d to the pole about half way between light and plant canopy. I saw some images today where people are hanging it just above the canopy in the center of the tent, which is under the lights.

Any opinion on the “right” placement?

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My personal experience is that center of tent, just above canopy, under the lights is the best placement. My humidifier is below the sensor so it’s not blowing mist right on it. I’d be curious if others had different experiences.


I’m going to try it tomorrow if I can figure out a way, I have a single light centered in the tent :slight_smile:

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Well I couldn’t find a way to center mine above canopy because I only have a single LED board in there, so it remains velcro-d to the pole 1/2 way from canopy to light height.

I’ve also added a UbiBot temp, humid and light monitor that is tethered to all four poles and is centered. It also has a remote temp sensor that I’ve placed in my reservoir. I can now see the data anyway I like for as long as I choose to keep it.

That all being said, I’ll be leaving the automation to the experts here at Niwa :slight_smile:

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