Security Protocols & Information

What data does Niwa have access to?

Temperature, humidity, light level, actuator status, a user’s log-in email, device ID, grow recipes, and time zone. We do not have access to a user name, phone number, location, or any sensitive personal data. The data we have access to is for diagnostics ONLY (i.e. solving issues with growers). Also, only our company has access. No 3rd party or contractor has access.

What is the security protocol for a company if there is a breach of data?

We use Amazon AWS servers and follow the security guidelines of AWS (click here).

What is the encryption level of the Niwa servers?

We use AWS (Amazon) and Mongo DB to take care of the security and we rely on their talented team to make sure no breaches occur. These are among the most solid and well-funded technology companies in the world.