Power outage/no lights upon resume

Hi Community,

I had a power outage in my area of town for 7.5hrs last night. When the power returned and everything turned back on (this was around 5AM my time), the Niwa app showed that my recipe was running, but the lights weren’t on even though the recipe calls for them to be on between 3AM to 3PM.

I gave it all about 10 min to ensure my cable modem and router were actually up and running (they were), but still no light in the tent.

I went into the app, edited the recipe to have lights go on at 3:01AM (one change in the recipe), saved the new recipe, and then the lights went on. I changed the recipe back to start time of 3AM, and the light stayed on.

I imagine this type of situation might spell disaster for someone in a similar situation, but who is running a veg tent, so I wanted to let you guys know!

Currently, I only have lights and humidifier attached to the hub, and the conditions of the tent upon power resume did not call for the humidifier to be on. So, I’m not sure if this issue would have affected all the outlets or only the light outlet or only the light portion of the recipe in the app or other parts of the recipe.


Hello Learner,

Thanks for the feedback. The light should get back on as soon as Internet is back, however we have seen some issues when Internet takes longer than expected to get back after a power outage. We will keep researching on this.