Overnight climate cycle

Hello again Niwa community!

I’ve been trying out the latest development firmware, and I noticed that it only allows for 2 climate cycles per day. I have a use case for which this is not sufficient, or in fact, it could be if the logic where slightly different.

In my scenario, I have an overnight day cycle, meaning that my lights go on in the evening, across midnight, until the morning the next day. With Niwa, setting the light cycle for this scenario means programming 3 light cycles in the app, until 23:59, then another one resumes from 00:00. Fine, it’s not very “neat”, but it works, and with the latest firmware, the lights don’t shut off for a minute at midnight…

I’d like to have 2 distinct climate cycles that correspond to my artificial day and night lightcycle. On the stable FW, I used to be able to program 3 cycles with the same logic as the lights, but the app/FW combo I’m currently running grays out the option to “add cycle” after only 2. I think this needs a fix to accommodate the overnight use case.

Ideally, I’d like to program only 2 cycles for this logic in the app, and the firmware should understand how to apply it to hardware, without the logical limit of 23:59/00:00 being exposed to the end user. For example, day is 20:00 to 7:59, night is 8:00 to 19:59. If for the 1st cycle, the end is less than the start, it’s understood as an “overnight” cycle, thus the app knows which range of hours is left available to the user for cycle 2.

Hello @growqc. I’m sorry about that, please reach out to support@getniwa.com you should be able to create 3 cycles, that is not related to the Firmware.

I had same issue, with non development FW. Only way to resolve was deleting 2 cycles and readdimg. It then allowed for a 3rd cycle.

I run a lights off from 1000 - 1600 whereby I alao require a lower temp/humidity range. So 3 cycles.

Like @Catchbag I was able to program 3 climate cycles following the same procedure. I notice there is also the constraint of having a 3 minute interval between cycles, so it isn’t possible to make an “over midnight” cycle constant, it has to interrupt for 3 minutes at 23:57…

Hello! We are updating the whole experience very soon, stay tuned!

@growqc the reason for that is to protect your climate control equipment and minimize plant stress, there can be scenarios where the temperature or humidity differences are significant, these 3 min difference between cycles try to prevent abrupt changes in the environment.

Appreciate the intent with protection between cycles. If that could be based on temp or humidity threshold changes from 1 cycle to another then that would be ideal. Bypassing the midnight cycle change would be handy for those of us traversing days with a cycle. My daytime higher temp,humidity cycle traverses 1600-1000, with no change required, yet impacted by midnight cycle changeover when in fact its not applicable :grin:

Thanks @Catchbag stay tuned, I’m sure you’ll like our next app update :wink:

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