Old Niwa One and Grow Hub

Hi folks,

I had to put my Niwa One in storage a couple of years ago and now it’s back home with me. The tablet that had the Niwa Grow Companion app on has died, so I went to the App Store and could only find the “Grow Hub”.

I figured this is the latest/greatest, but I can’t seem to get it to work with the Niwa One. I really can’t find any information on the Niwa One for troubleshooting anywhere.

I loved using the Niwa One and would like to keep doing so and I’m even thinking about trying to take it apart and figure out some way to run it manually (but I will probably wreck it and I certainly don’t want to do that).

Does anyone have any ideas/help?


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somehow I think this is a problem that the good folks at NIWA can fix at there end…maybe turn your grow back on somehow…?

Yeah, I’m sure they can help. I just thought maybe there was something obvious I was missing. I’ll reach out to customer service.