Niwa bugs and glitches

The Niwa is an amazing Idea and for the most part it does what it says it does but with a lot of bugs. For the price point this device should be almost flawless. I have had several issues and it just about ruined my grow in week one of flower. For whatever reason the lights did not go out. I had changed the recipe from 18/7 to 12/12 and it was working fine for several days. But one night I noticed that the light was still on at 10PM EST when they where supposed to go off at 7PM. So I stopped the grow and restarted the grow and it solved the issue. The way the Niwa handles time is not very good it I have it set from 0700 to 1900 hrs and the lights still go out at 6:57 - 6:58 not at 7 maybe I can compensate for this buy setting the end time to 1901hrs. It constantly drops connection to the WiFi but re-connects on it’s own. I will say all in all it is a great product and I will continue to use it but it’s just super buggy right now.

Hello LinuxFire, that’s an abnormal behavior, and we are here to help, could you please reach out to, so we can solve your issues?

Are you connected to a 5gHz wifi network? I ask because when I first set up my Niwa, I was running it off a Google Nest router, which moves from 2.4 to 5gHz - I believe the Niwa is only compatible with 2.4gHz.

I bought a cheap 2.4 router off Amazon and connected Niwa to it. No connection issues now but I do have to switch networks on my phone to access Niwa through the app.