Niwa App Update

Hello Niwa Community,

We recently released an app update. No new features this time but lots of improvements which are listed below:

  • Faster data loading
  • Improved general performance
  • The ‘Stats section defaults to the last 12 hours (12h) when you open it
  • Reduced the bottom section of the chart (selection area) this way it’s easier to handle, and it does not interfere with the back button which occurs on some phone models. Pro-tip: you can slide left/right in the chart with two fingers, and you can zoom in/out in the chart, pinching in/out with two fingers.
  • Improved recipe creation tools, including VPD

Regarding the last update mentioned above, you may find issues when editing old recipes. For example, you might not be able to add new cycles or the “Save and Close” button may appear to be disabled. If this is the case, please check all the different stages and cycles. You might find a yellow warning message at the bottom asking to change or update something in your grow recipe, or maybe there is a cycle where you did not check the Start Time and End Time.

Lastly, if your recipe was created before the VPD app update, the recipe might not be valid any longer (it depends on the recipe itself), so if you want to edit it and the app does not allow you, please delete that recipe and create a new one.

If your problem persists, please email us at so we can provide a tailored solution for you.

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