More climate cycles

I could use a few more climate cycles than the 3 that are allowed. I’d like to have standard temperature settings for the entire day, but then force the fan to bring in new air a few times a day. Other than allowing overlapping cycles where some cycles can override others (which I can understand would be complicated), the only way I can see to do that is to do something like 0:00-6:00 -> standard settings, 6:01-6:10 -> set the temperature lower than ambient, 6:11-12:00 -> standard settings, 12:01-18:00 -> set temperature lower than ambient… but at that point, I’m already out of allowable cycles.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine the water cycles might have the same issue, as I may want to initiate a watering cycle more than 3x a day.

Otherwise, I’m new to the forum and like the look of your development schedule (two updates since I ordered the thing!) and your community outreach already. Keep up the good work.

Hello ibieniid,

First off, welcome to the Niwa community, and thank you for your thoughtful insight. Our team is continuing to learn that every grower has different customization needs (i.e. watering, climate, etc). When we first made the app live, we had 1 light cycle, then added another. That being said, we have some other features being developed/tested but we do plan to change and improve the customization of the grow recipes and will take your feedback into account. Of course, when those are available, you will be notified. Keep the feedback coming and glad you’re having a good experience! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Hi Ibieniid,

Thanks for your feedback, we understand the need of air renewal and we are developing a new feature that will provide the right solution in a simpler way. We will keep you all posted when that new feature is live via software update.

All the best,