Lights went off then on when applying change to outlets

Using the latest firmware, I had an issue where my lets went off then on when applying an outlet configuration change.,

I had the tent open and I was cleaning the humidifier and doing other stuff. When I added the humidifier back to the configuration (after cleaning it), the lights went off and on again a second or two later. There was no change to the “Lights” outlet.

I’m not sure if this should happen and since it’s momentary I’m not sure it matters for my use, but I wanted to let ya know.

Hello @Adian009, yes, when you update the outlet configuration the whole recipe is restarted to meet the new configuration, hence your lamp could stop for a second while this happens.

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Perfect, thanks! Like I said, I don’t imagine it’s an issue and ya don’t update recipes that often :slight_smile:

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