Light outlet option not turning light on

I tried to do some digging but I can’t seem to find the issue I am having, elsewhere. I have added in an HPS light with a Galaxy ballast. When I configure the outlet option for light, the ballast powers on but no power to the bulb?

But, if I plug it into a non niwa outlet OR even configure the outlet for a heater, it will produce light. I’m a bit confused on what exactly is happening because I would imagine that if the ballast has power then there should be light? Why does the option in niwa change that?

Maybe I’m being stupid and kissing something important. My apologies if this is the case.

Hey Tegroftnod, that seems to be related to the ballast or lamp itself, please make sure they are not above 500W

Wait, why can they not be above 500 watt? That doesn’t pull anywhere near the limit, especially plugged in by itself? I need to have an external relay for say a 600 watt light ballast?

Nevermind. I forgot startup voltage.

Due to the high inrush current of these devices, a 600W unit can pull way more than 10A at startup, it depends on the device itself.

Right, but is something wrong with the software? Why would the heater outlet config option power it on but not the light option?

I’m going to go with an external relay but still a little curious as to why different outlet configs give different results.

Hi Tegroftnod,

Please email referencing this thread, so we can have a look to your issue.


Okay, tomorrow I am going to double check so I don’t send you guys on a wild goose chase. I did do it multiple times but I certainly don’t want to pull you guys away from all the work you’re already doing for us!!!

We are here to help Tegroftnod, so feel free to email us anytime.

Is this the same with LED lights ? I have mars hydro fc8000