Implement expert mode for recipes

As a niwa grower, I’d like to customize recipes with specific monitoring and outlet actions.

  • Allow users to select from a list of monitoring data parameters
  • Associate parameters with actions (on/off outlet#)
  • Allow users to add or remove entries
  • Allow users to chain rules

Display in rows, so advanced users can dictate specific actions for environmental data.

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Thanks for the feedback mdax01, it sounds interesting and we’d love to hear more feedback from other users too? How would you guys interact with this new menus?

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I think the rule chaining could be a really powerful and interesting feature.
It might be a little complicated on a small phone screen though. Have you guys considered a desktop browser version of the app?

Hey thegman121,

You are right, we face some constrains on the phone screen, we might consider a desktop version in the future if there is demand enough, but is not a high priority at the moment.

Another thing I’d love to see is a way to “save as” for recipes so I don’t have to re-enter a lot of information when making a new recipe. Thanks!

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