I can get a 2nd Cycle added to my light config

I add a new recipe and then add a new Stage. Ok the when I go to the light settings I do set up Cycle 1 in the videos I see the is a slection at the bottom of the screen but I dont see that. I see 2 blocks Delete Stage and Finsh and Save. Can someone tell me how to add a 2nd Ctcle for lights?

Now you can create an overnight cycle directly, so there is no need for 2 cycles anymore, just enter the start time and the end time (following day).

For example, Start 5.00pm; End 5.00am, will run an overnight cycle for 12 hours.

I hope this helps!

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In a somewhat related question, on the Dash view, what does the button at the bottom of the “Grow Lifecycle” section that says “Manual Mode” do?

Manual mode let’s you control your devices instead of the Grow Hub. Example: if you need to go in your Grow but your recipe has the lights off, you can set the app to manual mode and turn on the lights temporarily. When youre done, tap on the button again to turn the Grow Hub back to automatic. It will change everything back to the recipe settings and shut your light off.

If you have an exhaust fan, lights, humidifier, and a/c unit, how can you keep the NIWA from fighting against all the devices attached to achieve a balance? Case in point, in June of this year, when it was hot as hell outside and dry (AZ), but at about 80F inside house, why couldn’t I maintain 60degrees F and 60%RH for the drying/curing/no lights phase? It seems as though the best NIWA could get to was 60% RH, but only about 70 degrees F. It seemed as though the fan, the humidifier, and a/c unit were all fighting against each other. I even eliminated the fan…not much help…

I use a 2’Dx8’Wx10’H closed closet for my grow area. The exhaust fan is set up in the upper closet area and it sends filtered warm air (and humidity) out of the closed closet. The small portable a/c unit inside this closet is able to cool it to 60 degrees no problem…60% humidity is easily achieved with lights during veg/flower in there, too…why not both at same time during the dry/cure?

Please advise.


My thought…and its just a “thought”, is that your equipment is not only fighting itself but also the conditions of the room that your closet is in. In my setup I use the room as a “lung” room and control the room environment instead of the tent. My humidifier is in the tent to keep the moisture near the plants but I use the a/c to control the ROOM temp and overall humidity. It cuts back on the short cycling and the environment in the tent is way more consistent
I’m a hydroponic grower so I don’t know if how
I manage the environment would work in your setup but I went through pretty much the same thing you’re going through when I first got my Niwa.

Hi Dmr7547 !

Thanks for the reply.

I had no problem keeping the DLI, VPD & soil moisture correct throughout the grow. It was only the drying/curing phase I had a problem. Please correct me, but I don’t think environment for dry/curing stage for hydro is much different than no-till living soil.

The room the closet is in is much larger than the closet. That room is kept to 77-80 @ 50%RH during summer day. Cooling it to close to 60F with the portable a/c unit would be possible I suppose, but how to get that cool air into the closed closet, while at the same time keeping the smell of the buds filtered out with exhaust into the room. Would the NIWA be still controlling the a/c unit?

I don’t think the current grow, started 9/1/23 from seed, will have much problem at the drying phase in Jan getting it cool and humid enough. It’s just when I do a summer grow starting in Mar it will be hot af and dry again come curing time.

More thoughts? please share…

How are you running that AC in the Niwa with it being over 10amps? You running a relay?

Yes, I built 2 relays: One for the lights, and one for the portable A/C. I used home a/c contractor’s from Amazon along with some cut-in-halfnextension cords from Home Depot. I have another post somewhere in this forum that has my parts list.

contactors, not contractors! fookin’ auto correct!