How many units can run on the same network and log in portal

I am trying to see if more than one unit can be ran off the same router network and how many units can be registered and accessed from the log in portal. I would like to run 5 units off of one network and be able to access all the units from one log in portal or do I have to set up 5 separate accounts

Hello Pilgrim3230,

Thanks for messaging us. You can manage five Grow Hubs off of one username (i.e. account) and have them all connected to the same router (i.e WiFi network) within the Niwa Grow Hub app. If you have any additional questions, just message us.



I have 4 Niwa’s running on the same Ubiquiti wifi network. No issues. I think I remember reading the max is 5 for now?

Hello Dsutt2,

Thanks for your question. We recommend no more than 5 Niwa’s but you can have more than 5 now. It seems you’ve had no connectivity issues thus far. If anything seems slow or buggy, please send a note to asap.


Zachary - Founder