Growing (What can you control & measure)

The different pieces of equipment you can control are a lamp, fan, watering pump, heater, A/C system, humidifier, and dehumidifier. Do not connect any external equipment to the USB port for it is only for the sensor module. Additionally, with our new VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) monitoring capabilities, you can use your equipment to achieve your desired VPD level.

Lastly, two things need to be taken into account:

Control: The Niwa Grow Hub can only switch ON or OFF the power to your pieces of equipment (i.e. similar to manually plugging or unplugging your piece of equipment to a wall outlet). You can test your piece of equipment by plugging it into a power outlet and making sure it starts automatically.

Power limitation: Be sure your pieces of equipment’s specifications and make sure they don’t exceed 10A individually and 15A together.

Our team is working on adding different sensors so you can measure even more. Stay tuned!