Growing (Power Limitations)

Below is additional information on the constraints our growers should acknowledge when selecting different equipment and there are two aspects that important;


The Grow Hub can ONLY switch ON or OFF the power to your devices and you can test your device by plugging it into a power outlet and making sure it starts automatically. You might need to adjust the settings to MAX/MIN. For example, if you have:

  • Heater; set it to MAX temperature.
  • Humidifier; set it to MAX humidity.
  • Dehumidifier; set it to MIN humidity.

Power limitation:

The Niwa Grow Hub can handle resistive loads up to 10A MAX per outlet and 15A MAX in total for all four outlets. Make sure you don’t exceed these loads. Certain pieces of equipment have high inrush currents, so please be aware of this. You can always ask the Niwa support team ( if you are not sure.

Please check your device’s specifications and make sure they don’t exceed 10A individually and 15A together for the four outlets.

Pay attention to the amperage and the Niwa’s limitations are based on resistive loads (more info can be found here or a more detailed breakdown here). If you have pieces of equipment that are compatible, please list them here.