Growing (Equipment Overview & Limitations)

LED lamps

When choosing an LED, there is a difference in the wattage published and the inrush current of the LED. The highest wattage we recommend for any light is a maximum of 500 watts.

**** If you want to use more amperage, integrate a lamp controller such as the Titan Controls Helios. If you have a question, please email*


Humidifiers in the range of 300 to 600 pints per day are appropriate for the Niwa Grow Hub, but we recommend sending the model you plan to use to


Similarly, dehumidifiers can use a majority of your allotted amperage (and have high inrush currents). We recommend units not exceeding 60 pints. Please note, the amps used should be the default in the selection process, not the pints.

*For equipment over 10 amps, you must incorporate a relay to absorb the amperage. Check out this video from one of our partner growers using a relay for his 4000w heater.


Some heaters have Hi/Low settings and depending on the selected power setting it can draw different levels of power. Heaters electronically controlled can draw up to the MAX-rated power even if the lowest setting is selected.For heaters with two amp settings (i.e. 750/1500), we DO NOT recommend using these models which can damage your Niwa Grow Hub and void the warranty.