Flashing red light after trying to connect

After I try to connect my grow hub to my phone it says it connects, but then the red light blinks fast and I still can’t see data or control the hub. Looking on the Niwas website, it says the flashing red light means “Internet disconnected. Time does not sync. Offline data logger not enabled. The recipe can’t be executed.” I have no idea what this means, there is no explanation of it. The difficulty of connecting this device is pretty frustrating considering how much it costs. Any ideas on how to fix this since the manual has no way to troubleshoot this?

Hello Frazier, we’re sorry about that, please email support@getniwa.com with your log in email, so we can have a look ASAP!

I ended up having to reset my account on the app through support. I made sure to connect to a 2.4 ghz connection and then it ended up working.