Fan outlet/ how does it work

how does the fan outlet work? I want it to come on for circulation

The fan works when the temperature is above target only. We will release a new version soon where you can set the fan for circulation.


Awesome. Thank you for the update :+1:t2:

For additional information:

Is the logic for the fan outlet a simple on/off state? Is it possible to “ramp up/down” to enable soft starts for fan controls?

Hello thrak76, no, that is not possible, it would require a different hardware and not all fans would support this feature.

@Javier_Niwa how do I create my second twelve hour stage. I can go from 9:00-2100. But it won’t let me create the second twelve hour? 9:01-20:59? I need this to work or it’s pointless for me. Thank you
I just realized I was trying to create a second cycle not stage. This should be correct?
Yeah nothings working correctly. That isn’t right either Hello?

Javier your answer is only partly true. The exhaust fan works well when it is the only thing running. I installed an A/C recently, one that is under powered for the job, but the only one that will fit in the portal of my seacan. When the A/C is on the extraction fan will not come on no matter what the temperature gets to.

Hello, you are right, you can not create 3 cycles for the lamp, the max is 2 cycles, so you can have an overnight cycle.

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Hello! I’m not sure if I understood well. What answer are you referring to?