Exhaust control

Hey so I have my exhaust fan set for a specific time for temp and RH but when the fan isn’t triggered by those how can I have it kick on every hour just to get fresh air into the tent… I don’t have a humidifier set up or anything. I’m not sure if that matters.

Hey @Btothek, you can set a ventilation cycle, for example, 5 minutes per hour. Please feel free to reach out to support@getniwa.com if you have any specific question.

I just started to take advantage of the ventilation cycle feature and have set it to run 60 minutes per hour which I assume would make it run 24/7, but it’s not. It seems it’s still cutting on/off per the RH and Temp thresholds. Am I doing something incorrect?

Can you please try with 50 minutes and reload the recipe? Email support@getniwa.com and let us know how it goes.