Equipment run time data

Looking for device run time data so I can confirm whats was running during a specific time period.

Example: looking at target temps of 72°F at night, 78°F daytime. Consistently running 68°F at night based on the available trending. Want to know if my heater is running for the entire night in an attempt to reach target temp so I can better determine if it’s undersized. There could be some implied conclusions with there being no fluctuations in my temperature data which tells me it cannot keep up and is running the entire time but want to confirm without baby sitting through the night.

Maintains target temps during the day perfectly.

If something else is at play here that I am unaware of please let me know. Not sure if there is a 10°F difference factored in or something that I am missing.

Also, I am seeing temp ramp up to desired temperature set point on the trending in the am then slowly decline to mid day, bottom range of the deadband, and then the heat kicks on again to reach setpoint so the temp ramps back up in the evening. I’d prefer the temp ramp up through mid day then taper down into the night to mimic outdoors. Is this possible? Assuming I need to add more cycles in my current recipe for this?


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Hey Randy, please email to, so we can provide some insight. We don’t have that feature available yet, but it is in the pipeline.

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Yes to device run-time data please.

In reference to Randy’s suggestion, runtime x watts/1000= Actual kwh for that device to run. Much easier to derive the cost of running a particular device.

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