Dual outlets, opposing conditions

Wow, just want to say that I have been enjoying my niwa hub!! I’ve had a couple slight glitches but really my uptime and reliability is quite fantastic. I’ve also seen improvements in the software that I like!

I’ve seen some other suggestions on here that I would also agree are great ideas, mainly the on&off timer abilities for outlet customization.

I have also been running into an issue where I can only fit so many things on my niwa. It would be nice to make a larger version that allows you all combinations be plugged in for one unit. A/C/Fan/Heater humidifier/dehumid, etc.

It would also be nice if the community could come together on devices that have been tested or know to work with the niwa hub (externally trigger-able).

I’m currently having some trouble deciding on the correct A/C which does not need to be large but I cannot know for sure if the unit resets after being powered off by the niwa hub.

Anyway, not trying to be a Debby downer here. The main focus is that I am rather satisfied with your product but have some feedback to hopefully foster even more improvements in the future.

Oh, and I forgot. The ability to tap on the outlet and manually turn it on or off.

Hi Tegroftnod,

Thanks so much for your feedback, we are working on many of your requests already. Regarding the A/C, we do not recommend plugin into the Hub, have a look to this post.