Deadband control

It would be extremely nice if you guys give control to the users over the deadband using this niwa device we have been crying out for some time now it’s clear that everyone has a different beadband preference
I’m certain we all will be more than satisfied with such control over our device


Thanks for the feedback, Anderson! Is on the features list, but I cannot commit on the release date, it won’t be soon.

I definitely second this sentiment. It’s very difficult to get the humidity dialed appropriately without the dehumidifier and humidifier running in circles endlessly.

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Hey it’s on the list, but in the meantime please try placing the sensor as far as possible from the airflow and make sure your devices are set to the minimum possible power level to avoid rapid temperature or RH changes.

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Thanks for mentioning that Javier. I was having the same problem until I turned down my humidifier to the lowest setting. Made a huge difference in cycling!

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