Dashboard Refresh time and manual refresh (May 2022)

Hello niwa people.

I don’t know if this is really a feature request, per se; more like “how and perhaps?”

What is the app’s refresh time for the dashboard parameters? When we “pull to refresh” (if that’s even a feature…), what is happening in the app? Sometimes the app time will bounce back to the current time, and then back 3 to 8 minutes a few seconds later. Maybe next the app will sync to correct time, or maybe it won’t.

Is this internal clock changes niwa team have referred to in the changelog?

As for a feature request, could the refresh time be configurable, so that the update could be predictable?

Hey man, I can tell you your experience is the same as mine. You can pull to refresh, hopefully most of the time it will go forward but sometimes it does jump backward.

The only other time related concern that people have mentioned is that it looses time. I started unplugging mind every day or so whenever I remember :slight_smile:

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Hey Adian, we can push our latest FW (still in beta) to your device if you want, that solves the time drift. Just email support@getniwa.com :slight_smile:


I’ve now sent either two or three emails, along with this one tonight, asking for the update :slight_smile:

Hi @Adian009 I’m very sorry about this, for some reason all your emails have been flagged as “spam”. I have just updated your unit already.

To the original post:

Refresh times?

I knew it had to be some kind of email problem, I didn’t even think to suggest checking spam lol thank you!

How do I verify the update or do I need to restart or anything?

I suppose we are at the mercy of their servers then? Your guess makes logical sense. I’d still like some clarification from Team niwa.

Hello @thrak76 and @TerpsToStun, yes! You are very close to the issue, we have noted it and we will provide a solution soon.


What update you’d like to verify, the app? (you can see the version at the bottom of the Settings screen) For the FW, you cannot verify it yourself, but everyone is running the same version, except those who asked the beta version to founders@getniwa.com

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