Cycle Time Settings

Hey Niwa Family,
I just wanted to start by saying, I’ve never been happier with my set up! The ability to track and log data remotely gives me a huge piece of mind! I plan to have one for every tent, room and greenhouse I own.
Another thought that crossed my mind is setting the climate ‘cycles’ themselves. My idea works well in my mind, not sure on the code side of things… so bare with me. If setting the times for the cycles could be in a rotary style or circular form rather than linear so that users could set two cycles vs three would be much more user friendly! Especially when editing or creating new recipes! For example, setting climate cycle 1 from 9:00- 21:00 and cycle 2 from 21:00- 9:00 (or even 21:05-8:56 to prevent overlap…)
Additionally if the light sensor could be integrated into the climate cycles I think some of what I mentioned on cycles could be mitigated. For example, Climate 1 during lights on, Climate 2 during lights off. Then climate cycles could be timed by lights on/lights off and be even more user-friendly! This could also be useful down the line as users could control ‘custom outlet’ cycles depending on whether lights are on or off. Useful for cycle timers to run things such misters/cloners, cirulation fans, axillary lighting, CO2 regulators for example(1 min/15-30 min only during ‘lights on’) users would then just have to set a basic cycle time that starts when light turn on and stops when lights go out. Making changing recipes or creating new ones a BREEZE!

Thanks in advance Fam,

Thanks again SaintStephen! It’s a different approach, where there would be only light On Off and everything else would be tied to light On or Off…