Custom plug option

Would be super cool if there was a “custom” option for the grow components plug setup, and you could control the plug like a basic timer setting on/off times for it.

You can kind of work around this now and set a plug as a water pump and select cycles for it if you aren’t using a water pump but it has its limits

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Hello Jollymikey,

Thank you for the feedback! Yes, we do agree with you and we are working on additional custom settings for the pieces of equipment growers use along with manual control capabilities. We plan to release those changes very soon! Keep the ideas coming for that is how we can continue to improve!


Zachary - Founder

New user here. I second this. I was surprised that there is no “manual” or “custom” outlet configuration that you can program as you please. For example, I’d love to be able to control my oscillating fans to run 15 minutes every hour. It’d be great to be able to configure anything to run X amount of time, over Y period of time. I thought about setting them as a watering device, since I don’t actually use one, but there is a limit of cycles that can be programmed.

Hello growqc,

Thank you for your feedback! Operating the fans x mins per hour is being developed right now. This feature will enable you to decide how many minutes you want the fan on per hour, the limitation is that this function will run for the 24h, what do you think about that, is it a big problem?

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

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I don’t see this as being an issue at first glance. For things like fans and cloners I run mine 24/7 already. To be able to move air or water more sparingly would definitely help reduce power consumption.

Stoked for this new feature to be released!
Just set up my first Niwa grow hub today!


Thanks for your feedback, SaintStephen!

Any update on this feature?
Lots of new multi-speed oscillating fans are hitting market.

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We will release a new beta soon, if you’d like to have access, please email

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