Controller turning off from 23:59 to 0:00

Just curious how close the NIWA Team is to fixing this known issue. My biggest concern is my high powered lights turning off and back on again. That is not healthy for the light or my plants. Please fix ASAP!

Hello @Pingeye , yes it’s been solved, please contact to get the latest Firmware

Has this FW been released to all units?

Hello everyone, this Firmware has not been released to all units yet, it’s still in beta, but you can get it emailing

Hello @TerpsToStun, I understand your situation, that’s why we have long testing cycles before releasing to public. The official release will start on September, and it will be in batches.

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No, thank you and the community @TerpsToStun, without you, we would be absolutely clueless, so we are always happy to learn how to improve from you.

Also, since the release will be in different batches, you can reach out in September to to make sure you are up in the list!

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