Connecting hub to app

iPhone 14 max
Gateway Eero 6 with two extenders (Main floor and extedners in basement (where NIWA is) and the other in 2nd floor bedroom)
Very recently purchased NIWA grow hub with CO2 monitor (as well as original monitor)

I have tried well over 100 times trying to connect this thing! I have also reached out to support at which time they said they updated my firmware. That did not help.

I have used smart config and AP mode.
In Smart mode it spins its dot circle, and then says not connected. In AP mode it gets to the point where it says wait 1 minute for blue light to blink every 2 seconds, but all the hub does is blink a fast red. Also, my light is green, not blue.

Other weird part, at one point in the beginning it said you’re connected and brought me into the app. Buuuut, it says my temp and dp are 32f (false) and did not recognize my Co2 monitor.

any ideas?

Have you seen the stipulations about WiFi frequency? Unless I’m mistaken, the Niwa only works on the 2.4hz frequency still. IMO it’s a major drawback. I have run a separate old router I had laying around that only works on the 2.4, solely so my Niwa has something to connect to. I’m not setting my main router to only use 2.4 when it’s a dual band router.

TBH, I wish the wifi frequency thing was more obvious when I was shopping around for control systems.

Yea, def sucks. It’s the issue with connecting to a mesh network. I have turned off the 5g, it connects but doesn’t communicate. It’s annoying. We’re hoping that their firmware update will fix the issue so they’re sending me a strip that they updated themselves as mine cannot be updated without being connected. If this fix doesn’t work, then Unfort I will have to look elsewhere. I really don’t want to. This is the only option for seeing/controlling co2 remotely. Fingers crossed.