CO2 targets trigger the Fan outlet (T/F?)

Is this true?
The ‘Fan’ outlet could theoretically cover circulation, intake, or exhaust fans. If using a CO2 target with the new sensor, do we need an intake fan connected to the ‘Fan’ outlet?

Thanks for any help!

Hey aaron, there is just one kind of fan in the Grow Hub, and to prevent CO2 waste, the fan is stopped while the CO2 outlet is active.

Does the CO2 target only affect the CO2 outlet?
What CO2 enrichment device do most niwa users connect to their CO2 outlet?
What does the Day light threshold setting do / how do I use it?

Thanks for your help!

Hey aaron, yes it affects the CO2 outlet only, but the fan outlet will be kept OFF to avoid CO2 gas waste while CO2 outlet is ON. The daylight threshold is used to determine if it’s day or night because CO2 is only injected during the daylight period.

Thank you!
What’s the format for the daylight threshold setting, or what values are accepted?

Light level percentage, same you see in the dashboard or stats,

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