CO2 Sensor FAQ & Troubleshooting

Is a"daylight threshold" (light %) required to turn on the CO2 outlet?

Yes, that’s correct. If the light level percentage is below the set threshold, the CO2 control doesn’t activate, as it assumes it’s nighttime.

Is there an upper trigger (max ppm) to stop power to the CO2?

The CO2 outlet will switch off as soon as the target CO2 is met. Additionally, there is a dead band of 50 PPM.

I just received my CO2 sensor, and it doesn’t work.

If you received a CO2 sensor, plugged it into your Grow Hub, and if it’s not working, it is most likely because you’re not running the latest Firmware. Please contact, provide your registered email, and we will update your device’s Firmware ASAP.

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