Climate control

Hello, so I love the niwa but I was wonder if I was doing something wrong….

So I have an overhead vent set as fan, I have a humidifier and a heater set up. I have seedlings going so I set the temp to 80 and the humidity at 75. My equipment has no problem getting up to that humidity and temp my heater will shut off and my humidifier as well, but then my overhead fan will come on once it reaches one of those settings, which will then bring down the humidity and temp, the vent fan turns off and the heater and humidifier turn on. This just happens over and over and over. Is there a way to make it so the fan turns on at a higher humidity/temp so my equipment isn’t just triggering no on and off constantly fighting each other?

Hey @Btothek I would need more details, but it seems the humidifier setting can be too high for the space, changing the RH too quickly for the space, there are two things you can do:

  • Make sure the Niwa sensor is not exposed to direct airflow from your equipment.
  • Reduce the power on the humidifier settings, this would be the best approach for your plants, to avoid quick RH changes.

If you still experience issues, please email we can study your case in detail and tailor a solution.


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Hi, it certainly would be great to have independant triggers for humidity. Ive a humidifier and dehumidifier connected. Humidity reaches 60%, cuts humidifier but then turns on dehumidifier. So basically they fight each other to maintain target humidity. Some kind of transition, buffer or independant trigger for each would be fantastic :grin:

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