Cannot edit recipe

I am trying to add a watering schedule every other day for 4 min, while I am on a short trip. However when I try to save the edited recipe it has an error about stage 1 climate and to protect devices a 3 three min buffer… what does this mean? How do I add a watering schedule for sunday and Tuesday for 4 min?

You need to ensure you have a minimum of 3 minutes between cycles in your recipe. E.g. cycle 1 runs until 9:00 pm, cycle 2 can start at 9:03pm.

I am not trying to add additional cycles, just one cycle for watering. I try to make it turn on when the whole system is shut off and still the same error

Hello RyGrow,

Please have a look at all your climate cycles of all the different stages in your recipe, and make sure there is at least a 3 mins gap between cycles. If you still experience issues, please email

I ended up making a whole new recipe, that seemed to work out better and I found out what the issue is. I am still not sure why there is a problem, since the only thing that would be running is my light and then turning on a pump for 4 min. Other than that there is nothing to turn on or off such as heaters or dehumidifiers running. Either way, I figured it out. Thanks for all the quick responses

No problem RyGrow! If you ever have any other issue, please email us, so we can find where the problem is coming for.

All the best,