Adjustable Climate Tolerance

Hey Niwa Family,
One issue I have been experiencing is temperature variations. For example, without being able to customize the temperature deadbands/ tolerance between lights on/ lights off it causes my heater to run when lights come on even though the temperature is acceptable, due to the higher day temp climate cycle. The issue with this is that the temp is going to slowly increase through the day cycle already with the lights alone and is unnecessary to run the heater at this point.
My suggestion to remedy this is to be able to split the day time/ night time temperature tollerances and also to be able to customize the tollerance itself. If I have my night time heat tollerance of 2* and set for 75* and the heater would kick on at 73* and off at 77* (still a little over the accepted 10* day/night temperature fluctuations that cause favorable Powdery Mildew conditions with day temps 86+) the night enviroment would be much easier to dial. If I have day temps set to 86 and my night temps of 75* having a 5* tollerance allows my day temps rise to 91* and night temps drop to 70* this allows a 21* swing from day to night when my goal is 10* max.
Furthermore, with adjustable deadband/tollerance split between lights on and off… the tollerance for temp during lights on could have lower ‘on/off’ point. keeping the heater from kicking on when the lights turn on and its already 75* and unnecessarily warms it to 91*… causing rh to drop drastically. but rather only in an off situation that causes day temps too low…

Thanks in advance, Niwa Family!

Thanks for your detailed feedback and suggestions, SaintStepen! We will study it, it seems pretty complicated from the user point of view, as Niwa does not work on day/night but 24h cycles.

A little off topic, but I don’t know if Niwa can save you from your temp issue. I was having ridiculous swings in temps (to the high side) in my tents with day time temps going up to the mid and upper 80’s. There’s so many factors such as watering, lung room temp, how hot/cool the tent is and where you exhaust too, where you take in air, are you running co2, etc.

Temp wise, I don’t let the Niwa control my tent temp or fans nor do I let it control my lung room AC or humidifier. Each Niwa (4 total) controls its tent water pump, humidity, and lights. Fans to move air around are plugged in to a different powerstrip as is the AC Infinity exhaust fan. It’s hard to let Niwa have control of the exhaust fan when AC Infinity is doing a good job with this.

For me, life got a LOT easier when I put in a portable 1400btu AC in my 10x11 lung room. We have 4 tents, a 5x5, (2) 4x2, and a 2x2. When I had a single 4x4 I couldn’t keep the temps below 84 in the day without the portable AC. With the portable AC and a standalone dehumidifier, I keep the room at a consistent 70f and 50% rh. This carries over to the tents, at night they are lung room temps with slightly higher humidity (~50 to 57 rh.). Temp wise, in the day, the tents stay at ~74 in veg, ~78 in flower, and if I’m running co2 they can easily get up to 84. Co2 is a very different topic. If I had this to do over again, which I may this summer, I’d go with a mini-split AC Unit as they are more efficient and take up less space in the grow room.