Add another AC Outlet label like "Development"

And either allow us Niwa fans a way to use parameters of ANY construct to make a custom script.

For example, I would like to write a small script to turn on my intake fan outlet for 30 seconds whenever CO2 reads lower than 200ppm. Pause 1 minute, loop.

It could be any type of language that makes it easy for you guys. Javascript? php? c# C++ Excel… I dont care if it even works like Wordpress where you can only select whatever you guys expose. like

If { [Development-Outlet] = Off and
[CO2] =< 200 then
[Development-Outlet] = On
AutoOff = Yes
AutoOffInterval = 60}

Hey @Williamgrow, thanks for sharing your idea, we’d love to hear the demand for this. It wouldn’t be simple to implement.

Have a great day.

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Will you guys consider designing an extra hygrometer sensor in the future?

If so , for us smaller stealth grows it would be nice to have “Development Outlet” go to a an automatic 6" zone damper to utilize outside air to control humidity and bring in fresh air when humidity on sensor 2 (your new sensor mounted outside) temp <= 80 and >=66

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Thanks again William, this would be a very specific solution, I guess…