View my Grow Hub stats on Laptop/ PC

Hey there,
I have a soil moisture meter in all my pots that has a phone app on wifi like our grow hub. This moisture meter also a web page that I can see and do what ever I do on my IPhone. Can NIWA put together a web page that does this? We all don’t live on the phone and I find things easier on my laptop so I do.
P.S. have had my grow hub for a few months now. Does NIWA do trades ins for the Gen 2 Grow hub? Just asking.
Thanks again, Mad Science


I don’t know how computer savvy you are but you can always load a program like blue stacks where you can emulate Apps.


Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah that’s sort of out of my league.

I agree! I would like that as well if possible. I just had a conversation with another company about this same thing. I don’t live with my phone stuck in my ear like the rest of the world. Please create access through a computer.
I too have had my hub for some time and absolutely love it.
Thank you


I too would like to be able to monitor/adjust my GrowHub+ with either my Mac or on a website.


I am interested in that. I’ve never heard of Blue Stacks. Mac friendly?