Update Fan controls and help text so it's more clear for users

It is currently unclear as a user what choosing a fan device does in current recipe settings.
Help or description could be improved with sytax like, “A fan chosen in devices will be activated when in Climate the target temp is greater than the current setting”.

I think an even better option would be

As a niwa grower, I would like to select various climate options that will trigger a particular fan outlet.

Acceptance Criteria: Update Climate Screen to allow for the selection of whether fan devices should be active when temperature or humidity thresholds are reached.

Add check boxes for heater and fan below the Target temp configuration setting in the Climate Settings screen

Add check boxes for fan and humidifier/dehumidifier below the Target humidity configuration setting in the Climate Settings screen


Hi mdax01!

You are right. And because of that we are working on the fan control algorithm now so it’s also triggered **when relative humidity is above target ** (this would be a first approach). On the other hand we need to deal with the User Experience as we are trying to make recipes as easy as possible for as many users as possible.

We will keep you posted about our future releases and improvements and we will be always listening to your feedback to make Niwa better for you.


Any update on the release of the fan control update? To be honest, being able to control my exhaust fan was my primary reason for going with the Niwa and it was a bit disappointing when I learned during the setup process that this wasn’t an option.

Hello DankNuggz,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community! I understand, we are packing as many features as possible on our next firmware release, every little Firmware change requires many hours of testing, that’s why it’s taking longer than expected.

I hope our next release will be ready soon, the first feature will be having the fan triggered when RH is above target and there are no humidity control devices.


Hello, just getting going with my grow hub and liking it so far but wanted to make a suggestion for fan control. Would be great to have an option to decouple it from temp/humidity control and provide an option for running it intermittently (for example, 10 min every hour) for air exchange. As I understand it now, if my temp and humidity are dialed in for several hours at a time, the fan will not turn on and there may not be sufficient CO2 in the tent due to lack of air exchange.


Hello Ras_ian,

Thanks for your feedback, from the many options for fan dialing, that is the one we finally chose; minutes on per hour. It’s now under testing and it will be released once it’s ready.

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Does this mean that the exhaust fan will no longer be triggered by temp?

The Niwa, as it currently is, works great for my grow with lights on. It’s the lights off period that is the challenge, where humidity can bump up as temp drops. Being able to have the fan exhaust based on temp during lights on and then having an intermittent cycling of the exhaust fan during the lights off period for air exchange would be ideal IMO.

Thanks for your ongoing efforts to improve the Niwa.

Hi DankNuggz,

Not really. With the new firmware your fan will be triggered when temperature is higher than target (as usual) and additionally the fan will trigger if the humidity is higher than target (if three is no dehumidifier fitted) And additionally you will be able to select X minutes per hour to trigger your fan.

I hope this clarifies your question!

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Awesome news, thanks Javier, looking forward to the update.

No problem DankNuggz!!

Any idea on about when this update will be released?

We’d like to release it at the end of this year or early next year.

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Just got the email about the new update. Seems cool but doesn’t allow fan controls to do what is mentioned throughout this thread. I think the Niwa is 90% the best thing out there but would be unstoppable if we could set the fan to trigger at certain humidity and/or heat levels. Specially the exhaust fan. You guys will kill the AC infinity and Ink Bird market if you add this feature. Sad it wasn’t in the new update.

Now that we are in 2022, and ETA on this much needed feature?

Thanks Niwa ! Love y’all.

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Hello Bispese,

Yes, we know, and we are working on it, there are many new releases coming soon!

Stay tuned!


Thanks! Looking forward to that feature. :slight_smile:

Fan Firmware Update??? Trying to get optimal use out my investment!

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We are working on it Chrisoro1993

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Any new updates on the fan?

Following. Desperately waiting for the humidity exhaust fan control. Wanna ditch this InkBird and go full NIWA.

Waiting to start a next run until the update is out.

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Hello Bispese. The last version is ready, we are at the latest stages of testing, if we don’t find any bug (last time we did so that’s the reason for the delay) we will start rolling out soon…