Update Fan controls and help text so it's more clear for users

It is currently unclear as a user what choosing a fan device does in current recipe settings.
Help or description could be improved with sytax like, “A fan chosen in devices will be activated when in Climate the target temp is greater than the current setting”.

I think an even better option would be

As a niwa grower, I would like to select various climate options that will trigger a particular fan outlet.

Acceptance Criteria: Update Climate Screen to allow for the selection of whether fan devices should be active when temperature or humidity thresholds are reached.

Add check boxes for heater and fan below the Target temp configuration setting in the Climate Settings screen

Add check boxes for fan and humidifier/dehumidifier below the Target humidity configuration setting in the Climate Settings screen

Hi mdax01!

You are right. And because of that we are working on the fan control algorithm now so it’s also triggered **when relative humidity is above target ** (this would be a first approach). On the other hand we need to deal with the User Experience as we are trying to make recipes as easy as possible for as many users as possible.

We will keep you posted about our future releases and improvements and we will be always listening to your feedback to make Niwa better for you.