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Hello, I’m currently using a Niwa grow hub and already appreciate the automation and sensor information I can view from anywhere. This is truly a great product that can only get better!

The two things I’d love to see on the app are the ability to manually trigger a device and set it for a specific time outside of a recipe, and also the ability to set watering events less than once a day, for example every other day or every two days, or on a calendar basis.

Thank you so much!

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Hello Vegangrower,

Thank you for your kind words and glad you’re having a good experience with your Niwa Grow Hub. Good news for you! Our team is currently working on some features that allow both some level of manual overriding when a recipe is live and different scheduling options for watering. We will communicate when those features are more developed for we do not have a launch date at the moment. Thanks for your insight and input. We value your feedback very much.



And the day of the week selection for watering will be available very soon, stay tuned!

I agree, having more control over the watering would be great, especially for people growing in soil.

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Glad to hear I’m not the only one who would like these features, and even more excited to hear that they are in the works!
Thanks so much Niwa team :facepunch::facepunch: keep it up :+1:

Recent harvest of Ice Cream Cake at around day 55, “closely” monitored by Niwa, just before lights on and a morning watering :sweat_smile:


Looks super tasty Vegangrower! Would it be OK with you if we can use this photo on our social networks? We wouldn’t use your name or any personal information. best, Zachary.

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Of course you can use the picture, I appreciate the honor, more to come!

Thank you so much! Looking super frosty!!