Software Update #2

Hello Niwa Community,

We are excited to announce our team has released a new app update. The feedback from our community continues to inspire our team on what to build and offer within our Grow Hub platform. Again, our team wants to thank everyone who continues to give us their thoughtful insight!

That being said, our new app release includes the following;

  • Alarms and push notifications feature will allow growers to define their temperature and humidity thresholds and it will alert growers when those are out of the desired range. It will also alert growers with different alarms (issues pertaining to your growing environment) such as when a lamp is performing poorly or if a sensor is malfunctioning.

  • We have also improved the performance and stability of the app.|


Zachary & Javier

Co-founders of Niwa

Thank you for listening to our feedback and making adjustments to the app, I can’t wait to download the new version and set some parameters. Does this update fix the 24 hour light shut off issue? I was in my grow area the other night at midnight and the light shut off for 1 minute. So it turned off at 23:59 and then turned back on at 0:00, but was blacked out for a minute. If not we might be getting alarms or notifications for the lamp going out at that time every night.

Thanks again for all the hard work and communication!

Hello RyGrow,

Thank you for the kind words. Your feedback and the community’s feedback are super important. This app update does not fix the app’s inability to have overnight light schedules. That is would be in our next firmware update and that takes more testing internally. So you know, it is being worked on. To your comment on the 1-minute gap. You won’t get an alarm when the lamp is off for that 1 minute for it is behaving as expected. If you have any more questions or ideas, let us know!

Niwa Team

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Can’t wait for the overnight schedule fix as I’m in a warmer climate and run my cycles overnight. The 1 minute off reaks havoc on my LED lights as they shut off for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour+ before my lights can figure out what’s going on. Must be something in the way they were designed.

@Zachary_Niwa, is there a way to get on your internal testing group?

I would love to be a ginnie pig in your testing phases, I’m sure some of us in the community might be as well. I truly love this unit n see myself using it for years to come, the only unit I use if we can get all the features we want. I’m willing to help make that happen as I really see the potential your growhub has.

Like Pinky n the Brain says, “Tonight we take over the world!!!” I can see your growhub taking over the recreational and personal use growers market and I would love to be a part in getting Niwa there.

Thanks for your post Marsss,

The overnight cycle solution will take a bit longer as it’s part of a bigger Firmware update, we will inform everyone once we start updating devices.

We don’t have a beta program yet, but it’s on our pipeline for the near future.

Have a great day!