Software Update #1

Good Morning Niwa Community Members,

Our team is continually working to improve the Niwa Grow Hub experience and making sure we listen to what you need to be a successful grower.

Our team has released a new software/firmware version, so please see below some of our updates;

  • We have added a 2nd cycle within your light scheduling, so you can create an overnight cycle. For example, if you want your lights on from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am (i.e. 20:00 to 23:59 & from 0:00 to 8:00)
  • Fixed the bug that, when creating or editing a grow recipe, gave issues with setting target temperature within our climate settings.
  • Overall performance improvements throughout the mobile app experience such as our ‘stats’ section.

Our team is now testing and working on;

  • Our alarms and notification function. More information on this functionality will be shared soon.

Two things:

  1. I am very interested in learning when you have the Alarm and notification function working. I purchased your Grow Hub with the understanding that it already has Alarm and Notification functions. I am disappointed that it does not, because that is the reason I purchased your product, so I could be notified if something goes wrong in my hydroponic garden. In the Hydroponic system, in a short time, all plants can die if a pump ceases to work, or the heater fails.

Thank you, very much!!

Our team is now testing and working on;

  • Our alarms and notification function. More information on this functionality will be shared soon.
  1. I recently contacted you about the new Grow Hub product that I purchased. I managed to get it working once I learned about the Recipe. My only concern is whether this system will be reliable enough to protect my garden. It stopped working last night and I had to power it off and back on again. I don’t know what caused that problem, but I am leery to see if it occurs again. I am hoping that this system will be reliable. If I have to leave my home for a period of time, I will be dependent upon its reliability to keep me informed of status and operations.

Thank you,
J Beck

Hello Jared,

Thank you for sending us a message and being part of the Niwa community. Our team has been testing the alarms and notifications feature of the app for some weeks now and we are getting close to releasing it. I am going to get with the team to find out what the timeframe looks like. As for point #2, would you be so kind to send some further detail to We would like to know exactly what stopped working’ (i.e. dashboard was missing data, loss of connectivity, etc). Please send some detailed information with the email connected to your Niwa Grow Hub so we can look further into the situation.



P.S. We can always set up a call if needed.

This would be a great function, I would also like to see a range of acceptable parameters as well. For example my temperature range is okay from 75-83 degrees and RH is 60-65, so instead of just strict numbers and targets to hit. More of a soft range to be safe in and notifications if it gets out of those ranges

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Stay tuned, it will be live very soon!

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