Recommended dehumidifiers

Basically what are some recommendations on dehumidifiers to run on the grow hub. Most dehumidifiers require them to be plugged in and on all the time. My concerns are if the controller cuts the power on it when the humidity rises and kicks on the dehumidifier, wouldn’t it reset to factory settings which would make the desired settings I selected obsolete.

Curious on what recommendations you have or hearing from other growmies on what they use in their set ups.

Hello Marsss,

Thanks for messaging us. Below is a link from our knowledge base about using different pieces of equipment (including dehumidifiers). That link however is more focused on the amount of power being used by different pieces of equipment.

What you said is true. There are dehumidifier models that reset the settings every time it turns on from being off. Models, where the settings can be manually dialed in, are good options. For example, this model here can be an option but it is small (

I am interested in learning from our community about what they use as well.